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Field Theory of Macroeconomics - Literature

The E-book "Economics of Growth and Crisis" (US-Version) is now international available at Amazon as a convenient readable Ebook for handheld devices.

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International USA, UK, Africa, Asia & Pacific, Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Latin Amerika & Caribbian, Middle East. Kindle Purchase Price: $8.95 (Prime Members: $0.00 borrow for free from your Kindle)

A free available Web-Text of the Academic Preprint Book "Economic Engineering" (donateware) can be read on my homepage:

"Donateware": Doing pure science is a time consuming, costly and idealistic business. Selling mathematically sophisticated books can never give any realistic return on investment. Especially as the number of sold books is truly reciprocal to the number of qualitiy maths in it.
If I can help you with this freely available HTML-Text of the Academic Preprint Book "Economic Engineering (BoD Purchase Price: €17.90/$13.80)", you should feel free to make any donations for it. You can do it convenient by paypal or CC using the following "Spenden" button:
Thank's a lot! All donations will be used to do further science on theory and practical applications too. If you like to be mentioned here as a friendly donator, please just note "Please mention me" to your donation.

(D) D. Peetz, H. Genreith, Neues Makromodell: Die Grenzen des Wachstums: Finanz- vs. Realwirtschaft, Die Bank, Zeitschrift für Bankpolitik und Praxis, Ausgabe 3/2011, S. 20-24.
(D) H. Genreith, Technical Paper zum Artikel in Die Bank 3/2011, S20-24, Ifara, Institut für angewandte Risikoanalyse, Febr. 2011
(D) H. Genreith, Makroökonomische Feldtheorie, ISBN 978-3-8423-8029-5, Books on Demand, Norderstedt, 2011
(E) D. Peetz and H. Genreith, The financial sector and the real economy, Real-World Economics Review, issue no. 57, 6 September 2011, pp. 40-47
(C) D. Peetz, H. Genreith, B. Yao-Hein, The limits of growth, Ifara Publication in Chinese Language, translation of D. Peetz, H. Genreith, Neues Makromodell: Die Grenzen des Wachstums: Finanz- vs. Realwirtschaft, Die Bank, 3/2011, S. 20-24., 2011
(E) H. Genreith, Economic Engineering, Academic Preprint, English Translation of  "Makroökonomische Feldtheorie" with some advances, Preprint, Books on Demand, Nr. 949158, Norderstedt, August 2012.
(E) H. Genreith, Economics of Growth and Crisis,  Amazon Kindle Edition, ASIN B009YLFM9U, Oct. 2012

Talks, Wiki, Blog:
(D) Talk at the University Luzern, IFZ Zug CH, 4/2011: "Der Fehler im System – Wachstumsmodelle und Makroökonomie" Lesson I, and "Wie entstehen Inflation und Geldwertinstabilität?"Lesson II    
(D) Talk at the University of Göttingen, D, 12/9/2012, Das Kind im Bade, Zur Mathematik des Wachstums, Video and Paper
(D) Podium Diskussion  "Neue Ideen für Revolutionen und Piraten: Alles schon mal dagewesen?", University Göttingen, 2012
(E) WIKI (in progress) to the Theory
(D)(E) TandemVipera Blog,: Language can be changed to english (E) by google-translation button.
(D)(E) TandemVipera Blog, LABEL Macroeconomics (VWL): Language can be changed to english (E) by google-translation button.

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